"The Pomeranian People"


Published by the IGS Pomeranian Special Interest Group (PSIG)

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Full Name ..... Item - Submitter Numbers
LICHTFUSS, Anna ... 921-843
LICHTFUSS, Elizabeth ... 1133-843
LICHTFUSS, Elma ... 1133-843
LICHTFUSS, Gustav ... 1133-843
LICHTFUSS, Lillian ... 1133-843
LICHTFUSS, Marie ... 1133-843
LICHTFUSS, Martha ... 1133-843
LICHTWART, ... 2856-867
LICK, Bertha ... 3749-2173
LICK, Louise ... 650-365
LICKAS, Anna ... 158-191
LICKAS, Christian ... 158-191
LICKAS, Elizabeth ... 158-191
LICKAS, Kathrina ... 158-191

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Pomeranian Immigrants To America

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